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Bookcases, bookcases, and more bookcases. Bookshelf, bookshelf


Whether you need one bookcase for the corner of a bedroom or an entire library, we have something for everyone and everywhere.  Maple, pine, cherry, or oak. Most of our bookcases can be made to group together.


We will show you how to get a built-in look at 1/2 the price.

The Barn w/Pottery first describes this $519.00 bookcase as "sturdily built with a solid hardwood frame..."

When clicking the description, they then say: "Solidly constructed with an MDF frame, and veneers over MDF."

Huh!! Could they at least include the "hardwood frame"?

How about a 100% TRULY  solid wood, TRULY solidly constructed bookcase in nearly an identical style and size for $179.00 !!

(For the additional $340.00 they charge, we'd consider gold plating it.)


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