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Disclaimer and Policies

All of our furniture is made from natural wood. Wood's inherent characteristics prevent us from providing any guarantees on how wood will look beyond it's normal traits. Each piece of wood is as unique as a fingerprint.Wood may have knots or irregular grain patterns or discolorations due to mineral deposits or proximity to the center of the tree. Wood and any translucent finishes will display variegation. Consequently, final finishes may not appear as exact matches to an existing piece or color sample. While we do our best, we offer no guarantees in trying to match an existing color sample.


Furniture Care:

Wood may expand and contract slighty, which will be exacerbated by changes in temperature and humidity. It is important to avoid extreme changes in temperature and humidity. Tempuratures around 70 degrees and humidity between 35-55 are ideal

Furniture should not be placed in direct sun or near air vents, as this could cause excessive drying and cause splits or checks in the wood. Finished furniture should be regularly dusted with a slightly dampened cloth Wood can be cleaned with mild cleaners suited for wood furniture. Wood should never get wet or soaked.Water can cause swelling, warping or staining when it hits bare or improperly sealed wood. Proper finishing is critical. Use coasters, pads, cloths or runners to protect against spills and water rings


Unfinished Furniture: Part of achieving a professional looking finish is proper preparation of the surface. This may include an occasional repair to a chip, crack, or dent prior to finishing. BookcasesPlus will not consider minor flaws to a wooden part of furniture as defective or as a reason for return or credit, but as something that is to be addressed prior to finishing by the person finishing. Chips or cracks can and should be glued and/or puttied prior to finishing. Dents can often be removed with a few drops of water, or if needed, an iron and damp cloth. Proper sanding, preparation,  and finishing will adequately hide minor defects.


Return Policy: Custom or altered furniture is not returnable. Standard items can be returned within 48 hours of receipt for a store credit 



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